Hi, my name is Owen Davis. I am an artist and designer based in Charlotte.


I have always been addicted to learning new things. The most important skill for anyone to develop is curiosity. The digital age is constantly developing and it takes commitment to keep yourself up to date on new software, tools and trends. 

I was a self taught designer back in High School where I learned to convert my physical drawings into a digital media. I decided to pursue a degree in Graphic Design to master the skills I developed myself and took the specialization of Cross Media Production to gain experiences with as many forms of digital design as I could, from UX, animation, 3D and video games. 

While I may not use all of these programs day to day for my current employment I keep my skills sharp with passion projects or freelance opportunities.


I have always had an adventurous spirit. Pushing myself to try new things, meet new people and experience everything that life has to offer. I will never be complacent in a slow paced environment.
This passion has driven me to travel overseas both alone and with friends. From exploring most of eastern Europe by bus, walking from the Shire to Mount Doom in New Zealand, mountain biking in the Scottish Highlands and so much more.
These experiences are what propel my creativity forward. They motivate me to get up every morning and put in a hard day's work, day after day, to fuel a life that deeply inspires me to keep improving.

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